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The ongoing evolution of Roulette is apparent as they’ve created their masterpiece. With shredding riffs, hauntingly melodic vocals, and hard hitting drums, this is the track. Any wrestler or fighter would be lucky to have this accompany a walk to the ring.

The Pop Break: Happy Mondays with Asbury Park's Metal/Rock Outfit, Roulette

Since you guys are based out of Asbury Park, what is the metal/hard rock music scene like there? What’s the best part about it? 

Asbury Park is a great incubator for musicians of all types. There aren’t too many “hard rock/ metal” bands here so we get to know everyone pretty quickly in that particular “scene.” It’s like our own little tight-knit club of misfits. read more

Modern Drummer Magazine: On The Beat featuring Joe Scarpino

Joe Scarpino is "redefining the role of the drummer" according to Modern Drummer Magazine. Click here to read the article.

"Forlorn" music video debuts on

August 24th, 2017

95.9 The Wrat: Jersey Rock's video of the week "Kingdom Here Come"

Tom Hanley (Host of Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Wrat Radio)

TBFM Top 500 of 2016 (#324 "BrainDead")

TBFM Radio

"BrainDead" by Roulette was the #324 most played song on TBFM Radio out of 40,000 played tracks in 2016. Beating out  plays for heavy hitters like Clutch, Volbeat, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and more. -December 31st, 2016


Roulette named Jersey Rock: Band Of The Week

Tom Hanley (Host of Jersey Rock on 95.9 Wrat Radio)

Roulette was selected as the Jersey Rock: Band Of The Week July 26-28. 

95.9 The Wrat: Jersey Rock's video of the week is "BrainDead"

Tom Hanley (Host of Jersey Rock)

BrainDead was chosen as the Jersey Rock video of the week June 27 - July 4th 

                                                -June 27th, 2016



X-Static Radio

"With the recent release of its new EP “BrainDead” the band is gaining huge momentum in the unsigned scene."

                                                         - January 15, 2015

Tim Louie

The Aquarian Weekly

"Roulette is a breath of fresh air to this music scene. Their music is hard and heavy carried by the strong vocals of singer Jess Bariletti." (Read the entire article HERE)

                                         -February 18th, 2015



Kaitlynn Black

Outlawed Reviews

"Roulette has raised the bar for what we expect out of a band’s first official release. They show an intense amount of potential and are on the right track to becoming metal icons! We look forward to see what they have to bring to the table in the future."

(Read the entire review HERE)

                                           -December 16th, 2014

Chris Rotolo

Speak Into My Good Eye

"Asbury Park Punk-Rock outfit Roulette sits only days away from unveiling its debut EP BrainDead and has teamed up with SIMGE to provide listeners a taste of what’s to come with the lead single “Screw Your Standards”, a torrential downpour of flame-licked six-string procedures and adversely sugar-coated refrains that invite all pit bosses to the foot of the stage for a collective gang chorus.


“BrainDead has a concept behind it but we wouldn’t call it a ‘concept album’” Roulette drummer Joe Scarpino said. “It’s dark, it’s loud, it’s fast, it’s angry, and lyrically relevant. We hope that people enjoy the lyrical content of the album as much as the instrumentals. We think there is this sense of tension….even  frustration among people our age. We want listeners to know that we know. That we’re at that point too. And we hope that our music can be a bit of relief.”


Those who traverse the local Punk-Rock scene will recognize a familiar set of shredded vocals amongst the alluring howls of front-woman Jess Bariletti, as Roulette tapped Lost In Society’s own Zach Moyle to tackle a verse on this piece of scorched-earth Punk."

                                                                                                                                                                                                   -November 10th 2014



"On the titled track, Roulette's BrainDead punches it's weight by mauling rather than merely fighting and by leading with it's chin (guitars)"

                                           - August 22nd 2015

Michael Verba

"This band will rock any house!"

                                                         -Sept 9th 2014


Pop Vulture

popVLTR Online Magazine

"One of the coolest moments we’ve had was after playing a show in Garwood, NJ, a few people came up and asked for our autographs. The first time hearing our song ‘Fact or Fiction’ on the radio was so amazing too."

                                                                                                                               — June 18th, 2014

Mike Mehalick

Speak Into My Good Eye

“It’s a tale as old as rock and roll itself. Head down to the crossroads and meet a man from down below, and sell your soul for glory. That’s exactly the format Asbury Park, NJ’s hard-metalers Roulette follow in the video for their latest single “Fact Or Fiction”. As is usually the case, their new god-like personas go to their heads leading the band to end up busking on the Asbury Park boardwalk. Don’t fret, there’s a happy ending and plenty of face-melting riffs in this story. Watch the video for Roulette’s “Fact Or Fiction” below and catch them at the Wonder Bar on May 2nd with Breathing Diesel, Reese Van Riper, and The Black Clouds.”

                                                                                                                                                         — April 16th, 2014

Sunset Island Music Magazine

Sunset Island Music Magazine

“A... "Band to keep your eye (and ears) on."”

                                                                           -March 22nd, 2014




The Grombal

Joseph Scarpino-drumming for Roulette

"Really, really easy and extremely convenient to have these on all your cymbals. A really good investment for all you traveling drummers or guys that gig a lot."”—

                                                                       -August 28th, 2013

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